3d skull wallpapers

Do you have a new cell phone and don’t know what wallpaper to put? Are you tired of having your girlfriend’s photo on the home screen of your smartphone? Do you want a new wallpaper for your cell phone since you don’t like the one you have? Then look at this gallery of 3d skull wallpapers that you will surely like and put them on at once.

These 3d skull cell phone wallpapers are some of the ones we liked the most after a long list we found all over the Internet. If you like any of the wallpapers, you just have to click on the image and press the “Save As” option to save it on your smartphone. After that you go to the gallery of your cell phone and locate the photo, press once more on the wallpaper and select the option “Set as: Wallpaper”.

3d skull wallpapers

If you like skulls and you are looking for a wallpaper for your cell phone, this is one of the best options that we will show you since it is a life-size object that will look great with the other icons you have at home.

Designed in a very particular style, this image is perfect for your wallpaper. The red painted skulls combined with a light blue tone make it practically a work of art.

Something much more psychedelic is this 3d skull wallpaper. The colors that are mixed in it are magnificent and exquisite at the same time.

A rose on top of a skull combined in red and light blue colors will not only look perfect on your smartphone, but your other friends will want you to transfer the photo to them so they can also have it on their wallpapers.

The effects of this image will make you download it immediately.

Continuing with this line of design, we present another model that you will surely love.

The composition of the skull in a purple hue accompanied by a bullet is another of the options that we recommend to change your wallpaper.

Blood with light blue color is a cool design that will make your wallpaper unique.

Simple but tremendously cool is the image below.

A smiling skull with different colors will brighten up your day and give your wallpaper a new look.

Although it may not seem like it, a wallpaper can greatly change the mood you have. In addition, it will also make your cell phone very different from the others since, despite it seeming something simple and unimportant, it can make your smartphone look much better.

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If you want us to add or make a second part about this 3d skull wallpaper post, do not hesitate to comment below or if you are a designer, send us an art that you have made similar to our fan page @DeCalaverascom so we can add it and download it completely free 3d skull wallpapers.

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