23 Situations You’ll Only Understand If You Grew Up With Siblings

If you have grown up with siblings, you know what it is like to come home thinking that you are going to be able to finish that dessert that you had stored in the fridge and not find anything when you arrive.

Yes, you know, just as you know that these 23 points have been your day-to-day throughout your childhood:

1. When your mom says all your siblings’ names before saying yours


2. When they told you “share the snack with your brother”


3. When you couldn’t agree on what to watch on TV


4. And then you took the remote with you when you went to the bathroom, in case it changed the channel


5. Going into her room to take off an article of clothing and hearing that she is walking towards her room


6. When I was taking up more space than you on the couch… OR EVEN WORSE, your space:


7. When he saw you walk out the door in his shirt


8. When you told your brother to ask your parents something for you, but the bastard started the sentence like this “Javi says to ask you…”


9. When you can’t win the fight so you go to the desperate moment of taunting him:

"Ñiñiñiñi, my name is Judith and I'm an idiot"
“Ñiñiñiñi, my name is Judith and I’m an idiot”

10. When you were clever but your parents were in front of you:


11. When you were fighting and your parents agreed with you:


12. When someone tells you that your sibling is “hot”


13. When your parents were always scolding him and you couldn’t do anything but look at him like that


14. Every time you needed a hero


15. When he said he was going to shower and you’d been thinking for half an hour that you wanted to go too but you hadn’t moved


16. When you hit him too hard and calmed him down so your parents wouldn’t hear him cry


17. When your mother bought you something and said “but don’t tell your brothers”


18. “So you know you’re adopted” – in every fight


19. That developing and honing your spy skills.


20. When the fights ended with this phrase: “Stop, stop, I can’t breathe”


21. When you saw coming that your older brothers wanted to play a joke on you: “Look come, smell this”

suspicious fry

22. When you have a drama on MSN or WhatsApp and you let him read the conversation


23. When someone messed with you and your older brother was going to defend you


Because no matter what happened, you always ended up like this…

they aren't perfect

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